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Sustainable Development With NFTs - Tokel Talk

May 04, 2022 Tokel Season 1 Episode 14
Tokel Talk
Sustainable Development With NFTs - Tokel Talk
Show Notes

Haischel Dabian from Dutch sustainability & supply chain blockchain consultancy firm Kryha speaks to Ejuliano and the Tokel Team about improving the mining of cobalt and verification of quality alongside the struggles of achieving the perfect balance for the phygital space.

Why is it so hard to bridge the digital and physical worlds?

 NFT project Cyber Knights from DRIVENecosystem present their vision of NFTs used as a security mechanism to lock access to funds otherwise susceptible to fraud and hacks.

We also cover the big news about the latest scandalous OthersideMeta mint from Yuga Labs that sent Ethereum gas fees soaring and record amounts spent.

🎤 Haischel Dabian (Kryha)
🎤 Paul Socarde (Cyber Knights)
🎤 Niko Jukić (Cyber Knights)
🎤 Brandon Desormeaux (Cyber Knights)
🎤 Scott Crowley (Cyber Knights)
🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)
🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)

Host: Ejuliano (Tokel)